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Lead online inspiring experiences for children and teach them life skills.

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What's a Tokka experience?

It's a live interactive session lead by experts called Heroes where children of all ages get to discover, explore, and have fun.

Tokka experiences are:

  • Fun and exciting
  • Practical and applicable in real live
  • Encourage children to experiment and reflect
  • Inspire children to learn

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Questions & Answers

Here are some common questions. If you can't find what you're looking for please contact us at hello@tokka.app and we'll be happy to help!

What are online Tokka Experiences?

Tokka experiences are inspiring activities for children that are conducted live to a group of children over a video conference tool.

Why should I offer an Experience for children?

Leading an experience is a way to pass on your experience and knowledge to a younger generation which is just discovering their path. And you also get to earn extra income sharing what you love.

How many children participate in an experience

Max group size is 9 children.

What are the requirements for the Child Experience idea?

We strive to offer only meaningful experiences to children. Not everything qualifies to be a Tokka experience. Experiences should:

  • Inspire to learn.
  • Come from your personal background.
  • Provide activities or knowledge they might not discover on their own.
  • Have a real live application.
  • Be child-friendly and age-appropriate.
  • Encourage active participation or immersion.
  • Be conducted live and not pre-recorded.

Main requirements for the submission:

  • Submit a short video introducing yourself and your experience idea.
  • Pass a background check.
  • Submit an experience, including the cover photo and accurate description.
  • Attend the onboarding session with the Tokka success team.

Do I need to be a teacher or have an educational background?

Absolutely not. We believe that each person has a wealth of knowledge to share that children can benefit from. If your experience meets quality standards we will help you navigate the best ways to work with different age groups.

Which age groups can I provide an experience for?

As of August 2020, you will be able to offer experiences to children 4-12 years old. However, we still encourage you to sign up for other age groups so you'll get notified once we launch those.

How much should I charge?

You decide how much to charge. Typical online experience price ranges between $15-30 depending on the structure of the session.

What's the Tokka service fee?

Tokka service fee is 10% of the total cost of the class, depending on how many kids sign up.

What's not allowed during the session.

  • Asking children to reveal private information.
  • Include participants outside of the app for the same session.
  • Take photos or screenshots of the experience without the written permission of the legal guardians of the child.

Where do I facilitate the online session?

The online experience sessions are conducted over Google Meet. You will receive a link in the app and over the email once the experience gets booked.

What's the cancelation policy?

Because cancelations disrupt parents' plans we review each cancelation. If you cancel on the day of the booked experience, parents can choose to leave a public review on your profile. We believe that there are circumstances that may impact your ability to conduct a session, but if you frequently cancel booked sessions we may suspend your account and investigate.