Be a Good Human: Yoga and Meditation Class

with Valerie Ellis

My "why" for teaching comes from a desire to offer courses that are both trauma informed and trauma sensitive, and for this reason, movement in my classes is focused on being autonomous and self-directed, i.e. if you are on the mat, you are doing yoga. I have two years of experience overseas in a Montessori style environment with children from 6 months to 8 years old AND in a sexual violence center dedicated to child and adolescent survivors, two years of experience teaching swim lessons and yoga to children from 6 months to 18 years old, and twelve years of experience in higher education (including teaching college classes to students in a wide variety of ages).

location of hero

Wichita, KS


8-12 years old

60 mins

In this yoga and meditation class, we will start our introductions with a brainstorming session to share 2-3 ideas of how you can contribute positively to our society and world. Students will be given the opportunity to contribute to the creation of the class theme by choosing an intention based on their current emotional needs (which will vary daily and in each class). We will then move into exploring breathing tools and setting an individual intention (which may be kept confidential based on each student's comfort level). A heart opening and hero/warrior yoga sequence will be incorporated and a cool down sequence will be offered, complete with a loving kindness meditation and time for personal contemplation and reflection. A highlights and closing sequence will open up the opportunity for students to share any final thoughts/opinions and reflections.

Materials needed:

  • A yoga mat and/or blanket and a journal for those who would like to take notes


$22/60 mininfo

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