These Monsters Have Feelings: A Storytime and Drawing workshop about our tough emotions.

with Jamie Letourneau

Jamie is an illustrator, graphic designer, and writer who makes intentional art to help people navigate and feel the worlds we explore and learn. She believes in people and their ability to grow. And when given the chance, she hopes to help instill these truths in young people, her favorite interactive audience.

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Portland, OR


8-12 years old

60 mins

This is a Storytime and workshop to invite kids to draw how they feel as we make honest monsters out of colorful blobs and emotional faces.

To start I’ll read aloud my published book, “A Kids Book About Shame”. This book explores shame and encourages kids to feel valued, suggesting that we all carry around our own shame monsters and they’re not so scary when we talk about them. It also suggests ways to express shame, because I know that speaking it isn’t always easy. One of the activities I encourage is drawing their feelings. And that’s what we’ll do together in my workshop as we learn how to show those emotions through goofy monster faces.

First, we will freely make 6 blobs of color with our thick markers. These are our monster heads! Then we’ll use smaller black markers to add monster stuff like pointy ears and curly horns…whatever kids want! Next we’ll add faces. I’ll teach them how to show different emotions with simple tricks like happy squinty eyes, shy little smiles, and excited bushy eyebrows. I’ll guide them through drawing “sad”, “happy”, “shy”, and “ashamed.” (If there’s time we can always draw more!) After the faces are done, kids can add fur, whiskers, freckles, silly hats, stripes, there’s no limit. While we’re drawing together I’ll also ask kids to think about how drawing makes them feel. And I’ll encourage them to draw like this when they’re feeling different things that are hard to talk about.

Its a fun and simple creative activity they can do again by themselves, with friends, or alongside an adult as you spend time together drawing and talking.

Materials needed:

  • Drawing paper or sketchbook
  • Broad line markers
  • Thin line black marker or pen


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What parents are saying

Helene H.

Sep 24th

My kids enjoyed hearing from an illustrator/author. It was a fun chance to color, be creative and talk about expressing emotions through art!

Demeena D.

Sep 24th

My Daughter loved the session. Wonderful focus on uncomfortable feelings and how to deal with them, and encouragement to use art as a way to cope.