What Really is Electricity?

with David Salch

I have been involved in electronics for decades, designing and building circuits, repairing electronic appliances, and exploring the many aspects of electricity. Passing along these decades of experience is a long time passion and the focus of my time now.

location of hero

Central Texas


8-12 years old

60 mins

What is this invisible force called electricity? We use it everyday to power our lives, but do we really understand how this miraculous power works?

This experience ventures into the world of atoms, electrons, and electricity in a fun, easy to understand, fast paced ,live and interactive hour long session. Complex concepts are presented in a very easy to grasp manner with real world stories, examples, and explanations.

Topics covered are: Atoms and electrons Conductors and insulators Power sources Complete circuit vs short circuit Safety concerns around electricity

This is a very interactive whiteboarding session with "story problems" along the way to ensure comprehension.

Materials needed:

  • Curiosity!


$22/60 mininfo

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What parents are saying

E E.

Sep 18th

My 10-yr-old son really enjoyed the experience. He was engaged through the whole class and he laughed out loud at some parts. The small class size meant he got called on to answer when he raised his hand a lot, which he loves. He also said he learned something "even though he knows a lot about electricity already." :)