Learn How to Create an Exciting Story

with Maura Atwood

I am an actor, poet, writer, and teacher. I grew up listening to and reading stories, and now I make my living telling stories -- either through writing, or through theater.

location of hero

Milwaukee, WI


8-12 years old

60 mins

In this class, students will learn the basics of storytelling, create a story outline, and begin to write that story in class. We will start with a storytelling game, then learn about good storytelling and discuss examples from stories we love. Then students will be guided through creating characters and a plot that they find fun and exciting. The final part of class will be spent starting to write the first sentences of the story.

Materials needed:

  • Notebook
  • Pencil or Pen


$16.50/60 mininfo

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What parents are saying

Amber A.

Sep 18th

My daughter enjoyed this class. I thought the teacher was absolutely wonderful, was very gentle, and did a great job encouraging my daughter on her stories and helping her to think more deeply. A challenge that we experienced was an issue with the other participant on google meet being distracting throughout the class, but that's no fault of the program. The teacher did a wonderful job of pointing this out in a respectful way, and she did finally mute their speaker. Another challenge was getting my daughter to quickly think "off the cuff" of her favorite story, favorite character, favorite book, favorite movie..etc. It would've been nice to have gotten some pre-session info emailed to me to prepare her for the class. It would've also been nice to have had the powerpoint presentation that the teacher presented sent to me in advance; I could've then printed some of the story slides for my daughter to fill in and follow along. Overall, she did enjoy it, and I enjoyed seeing her interact with everyone, and react to challenges in creating her stories. I was also happy to see that the cost of these sessions is very reasonable for the high quality of the class.

Ilona I.

Sep 18th

My daughter liked how the teacher spoke and conducted the session- "She made it fun by using rhyming words at times and using relaxing music while we wrote! We learned about what is important in a story and how to put a story together in order. We talked about the story after we wrote it. I give it two unicorn ears up!"