Exploring Critical Thinking Skills: Thinking on Your Feet

with NaConda Frank

I am currently a home educator to my five amazing children! My belief is that every child has the capacity and ability to learn, regardless of speed bumps on their paths. When I teach, I love to incorporate critical thinking whenever and however I can because it is a life skill that all children should learn in order to prepare them to be able to think & rationalize things on their own as adults. As their parents & teachers, our job is to meet our children where they are so that they can understand the value and fun that learning brings!

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Lake Jackson, TX


8-12 years old

30 mins

Critical thinking is an important set of skills I believe all kids should learn about & practice. During this course, children will be given random topics to discuss orally and/or write briefly about using given time limits. Students will be encouraged to think outside the box while being asked age-appropriate and thought provoking questions. Along with the random topics, students will be given words to discuss in the class, sharing the first (organized) thoughts that come to their minds when they see & hear the words given! Students who may struggle with speaking in front of others may find this course useful, as it encourages them to do so with the confidence of knowing they have active, attentive, and supportive listeners!

Materials needed:

  • paper
  • pencil/pen


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What parents are saying

Helene H.

Sep 29th

This was a fast paced class about a fast past subject---thinking fast and focused! My child was incredibly engaged and focused. I loved watching how interactive this was for my child. My son felt fully engaged and instead of feeling "stuck on the computer", instead the instructor helped my son learn to use the computer as a tool.