Horse Zen: Learning Grit and Resilience Through Horses

with Kali Kiger

I am an author, speaker, and YouTuber. I own internationally recognized horseback riding academy for kids and kids at heart. You can find me presenting at places like the Northwest Horse Expo and the High Desert Museum. I have been an equine professional since 2003. I'm a homeschool mom with 3 girls ages 3, 9, and 11.

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Vancouver, WA


8-12 years old

60 mins

Humans struggle at times to be both self-aware and emotionally fit. Emotions can be complicated and it's hard to sift and sort through feelings. By looking at the body language of horses, we can start to see emotions more clearly. In this class, we will explore the mannerisms of horses and humans under stress, and discover how some of the principles used to train horses can be used to help humans become more resilient, persistent, and adaptable. *Note: This class uses recorded footage of horses due to the logistical challenges of filming live with horses. Recorded footage allows us to show you footage of horses in various settings.

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