Learn strategy and critical thinking through the game of chess

with Viktoria Ni

Professional Chess Coach with over ten years of experience and Professional Chess Player (Woman International Master) with 20 years. Represented national team and taught chess internationally (North America, China and Europe). Thanks to chess, I have traveled the world (60+ countries), lived on three different continents, learned a few languages, and have friends all over the globe! Eager to share my knowledge and international experiences!

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New York


8-12 years old

60 mins

“In life, as in chess, forethought wins.” – Charles Buxton

There's a deep correlation between the game of Chess and Critical Thinking, Visualization, and Problem-Solving.

Chess helps us to develop our "critical thinking" for when we are away from the Board. We tend to apply similar thought patterns to other tasks in our life.

For instance, when we drive a car or a bike, we anticipate future dangers by driving slower when the weather is not an ideal or there are a lot of cars on the road. However, our chess and driving/riding will suffer when games are speeded up. It will give us less time to react/think/evaluate so the possibility of making a mistake will be higher.

When we face any challenging position in chess, a chess player needs to use the principle of Problem-Solving, so it will help to create a plan and forethought his/her moves and also consider his opponent moves. This skill is very important during science classes but also, most importantly in our everyday life.

To calculate moves ahead, a player needs to visualize the position and how it might change within the few moves. It will help him/her to make a decision, is it really needed to trade pieces, or it is better to keep them at the moment?! Just like in geometry, a player needs to calculate multiple moves/variations in a mind because you cannot move multiple pieces during the game (you can make only one piece per move (castling is an exception)). This improves creative thinking and memory.

Materials needed:

  • Chess board and chess pieces


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