How many Alphabets are there in Japan: Your first Japanese writing workshop

with Chikako Ogawa

Konnichiwa, I am Chikako. I was born in Japan and moved to Canada since 2019. I have been teaching Japanese for people who wants to learn Japanese and cultures. My goal as Hero is to make opportunity for knowing Japanese culture. Yoroshiku onegaisimasu!

location of hero

Vancouver, Canada


8-12 years old

60 mins

In Japan, there are three types of writing systems: Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. We are using all in daily life. In this experience, I will introduce these writing system and write some characters together! If you can read these, you can read everything in Japan and also recognize many Chinese characters!

Materials needed:

  • Paper and pen


$16.50/60 mininfo

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