Create a Story in Music with a Songwriter!

with Karlyn DeSteno

Karlyn DeSteno is a musician, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and writer who has been teaching in the arts for more than 19 years. Find out more about her music and teaching practice at

location of hero

Caspar, CA


4-8 years old

30 mins

Fire up your child's imagination in this musical storytelling experience led by musician and songwriter Karlyn DeSteno! As a group, taking turns, students will invent an original story, then translate parts of the story into musical sound using instruments or sound-making household items. This class hones cooperation, focus, creativity, imagination, and builds basic musical and verbal skills.

Materials needed:

  • Bring any musical instrument on which the student can easily make a sound (even if they do not "know how" to play the instrument) -- for example, a ukulele, keyboard, or toy xylophone. If an instrument is not available, bring any sound-making household object, such as a metal pot and a spoon, metal silverware that can be banged together, a box that can be played like a drum, etc.


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