The Magic of Problem Solving: Learning Amazing Strategies and Math Magic Tricks to Wake up the Genius in you and to Impress Others

with Bob Bishop

Known internationally as Mr. X, America's Math Magician, Bob Bishop is America's leading Math Magician for teachers and schools. With 30 years of classroom experience, and a certified brain-based trainer, he knows how to teach in a way that "clicks and sticks" in the brains of students. Teaching Gifted and Talented students in Idaho for over 18 years, Bob's students have won hundreds of awards for Math Olympiads, chess, inventions, and writing. He has brought his Math Magic presentations to many schools in South Africa Botswana, Thailand, Taiwan, and across the U.S. He was awarded the GEM (Gifted Education Milestone) award in 2008 for his contribution to Gifted Education. He has been a presenter at Edufest conference for gifted teachers for the past 21 years. His humor, sleight of hand, showmanship, and creativity make Mr. X a popular educator, speaker, stage entertainer, and magician. His winsome and scholarly approach to math has made him a game changer in every school he visits.

location of hero

Boise Idaho


8-12 years old

60 mins

As America's Math Magician, I have presented to many countries around the world. I have engaged large audiences with the mysteries and wonder of mathematics. My classes will show how to solve intriguing math problems and puzzles with strategies they don't teach in schools. These skills will make students look and act like a number genius and a magician who can read minds. In each of these classes, students will learn an incredible math magic trick, attempt to conquer tricky math problems and then explore the secrets. The students will be shocked how easy and FUN these experiences will be, and how smart and magical they will feel when they show others. They will have fun learning astounding math patterns, amazing algebra and astonishing geometry!

Materials needed:

  • Notebook, pencils, and calculator


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What parents are saying

Shalesha S.

Sep 22nd

My 11-year-old son who did not want to take the class said that the teacher was nice. The teacher was patient with my son who warmed up and began participating in the class. It was an interactive class, and the teacher engaged consistently and well with all of the students.

Sara S.

Sep 22nd

This was a fun class for my kids. They learned about patterns and sequences and cool things you can create with them. They also learned tips and tricks for solving math problems.